Bill Crow

crow_booksI played last night with bassist Bill Crow. Bill always amazes me. At the age of 88, he remembers everything he did, saw or heard and keeps the memory like a computer database. Whenever he hear something interesting or funny, he starts telling a story related to that topic. Last night he told me that Stan Getz grew up in the Bronx and was a bassoonist before picked up the saxophone. A walking Wikipedia, I like to call him. The picture is two books he published “From Birdland to Broadway” and “Jazz Anecdotes” translated by Haruki Murakami for Japanese readers. He autographed these books for me a little after we started playing together at Red Hat Bistro in Irvington about 7 years ago.
We are playing at Red Hat again with Hiroshi Yamazaki starting June 8th.