T And Joodee

T And Joodee
T. And Joodee JP200, made by Shiro Tsuji

The guitar is “T. And Joodee, JP200”, made by Shiro Tsuji in 1980’s. I bought this guitar when I was 23. Way back! I found this one at a music store in Kanda, Tokyo. It looked so good I had to buy it. The guitar was acoustic but came with a detachable DeArmond pickup. I brought this with me when I moved to New York in 1988.
I couldn’t play shit back then and I thought the reason I couldn’t play was because I didn’t have a decent instrument. Talk about ignorance! So I brought the guitar to Steve’s Studio in Colonia, NJ and asked Steve to do something. He installed the Hi-A pickup (Bartolini) attached to the neck, volume and tone controls on the pick guard, and the output jack at the end pin. He also replaced the nut and adjusted the neck and did some fret work. I traded the DeArmond pickup to reduce the repair cost (I still regret). The guitar didn’t improve my playing magically as I expected.
Then the guitar had stayed in its case for a long time.
Around 2012, when I was playing with Scott Fragala and Matt Skeaping, I got the guitar out and start playing again. The condition of the guitar was pretty bad and this time I brought the guitar to Tetsuya Nakamura to fix it. He re-fretted, changed the pick guard, changed the bridge and installed the controls on the body.
I played for a while and it went back to its case again.
Recently I found DR makes strings called Zebra which is a hybrid of bronze and steel strings. I tried them on this guitar and really fell in love with the guitar for the first time (I never liked the guitar except for the beautiful look). The blend of acoustic and electric sound it produces is just amazing. I hope it stays out side the case this time.